New Species

"New Species" art explores the complexity of human and animal relationships and reveals how animals are viewed as soul mates, imaginary and mythological beings, threats, victims, objects for scientific research, surrogate humans and objects that could somehow be used in one way or another for human benefit.
Humans may have a natural tendency to dichotomize animals into those that we have a relationship with and those that we regard as things to be used (Arluke 1988). Today the Human is featured as a potential threat to the Nature. Our society has witnessed dramatic technological and cultural changes and our relations with other species are often not as direct as in the past. The question of whether it is right to eat animal flesh is among the most prominent topics in food ethics today.

"New Species" seeks to explore topics concerning animals-from animals in society to cultural images of animals and their meanings as well as actual issues of animal rights, consciousness and animals role in human life.