The Night has Eyes

The ancient Greeks believed that Cats could see through mountains and American Indians tell many stories about hypnotic eyes and seductive power of the Cats. “Cat Goddess”, Bastet, was one of the most popular Goddesses of ancient Egypt. She personified the playfulness, grace, affection and cunning of a Cat as well as the fierce power of a Lioness. Native Americans regard the Panther as the Protector of the Universe. According to the belief of the Tucano Indians the roar of the Jaguar is the roar of thunder and the Black Panther could cause eclipses by swallowing the Sun. The Indian shamans would perform rituals to borrow the power from jaguar.

Modern age proclaimed new types of identity. Modern philosophy, psychology, literature and visual art unmasked what was known as man. It became clear that under the surface of everyday life we have much more in common with our far relatives from primitive societies than we think we do. It became apparent that modern cities in their complex physiognomy are very like the jungles, the natural field for hunting and playing.