Blooming Jellyfish

Bioluminescent Experience

Everything goes, everything comes back; eternally rolls the wheel of being. Everything dies, everything blossoms again...

Ocean is full of timeless natural wonders that are failing the test of time. This is a journey into molecular, indefinable forms, which are indeed a reflection of the organic world manipulated and magnified by dreamlike dimension.
"Blooming Jellyfish" created to not only immerse visitors in a fantastical, bioluminescent experience, but also draw idea of reversing the life cycle and secret of immortality. Jellyfish blooms are conspicuous demographic events that have received increasing attention over the last decades. Jellyfish can metamorphose during their life. From a benthic polyp form cloning itself into colonies, it can then mutate into a medusa form, ready to float away towards new horizons. An Immortal jellyfish species - at any stage of its development - could transform itself back to a polyp, the organism’s earliest stage of life, thus escaping death and achieving potential immortality. This creature appear to debunk the most fundamental law of the natural world - you are born, and then you die.
A variable shapes, colours and translucency of jellyfish is captured by vitreous enamel and mix metal Sculptures while Video art compositions amplify those sea creature's emotive journey. The sound is soothing and steady, almost amniotic.